7 Easy DIY Makeup + Beauty Product Storage Ideas!

10 Apr

Get in the Spring cleaning and organizing spirit with these creative DIY makeup, jewelry and beauty product storage solutions including: how to clean out and repurpose glass candle jars, DIY earring, lipstick and eye palate storage + more! Click to watch the video:


Do you know the #1 hidden cause of wrinkles and acne?

2 Apr

The vast majority of people have no idea that this common thing we do every day is contributing to acne and wrinkles. Watch today’s video to learn what it is and how to fix it.


13 Makeup Tips That No One Told You About!

2 Mar

In today’s video we’ll show you 13 amazing makeup tips that you probably haven’t heard before. A sample of some of the tips are below, click here to see the tips in action!

Make Eyeshadows Pop
Have you ever purchased a vibrant color of shadow that once applied appears rather dull? The key to making those colors pop is a white base. Use a white eyeliner and cover your entire lid before applying the color of your choice.

How To Fix Clumpy Mascara
Let’s face it, this happens to every tube of mascara over time. The problem is it dries out and then starts to form unattractive lumps. To help prevent this, don’t pump your mascara trying to get more on your wand; you’re basically pumping air into the tube causing it to dry out even faster.

Although mascara should be replaced every 3 to 4 months, I use to replace mine much sooner just because it dries out so fast and creates undesirable results. But, there’s an easy fix for that! Run the wand under hot water until the water runs clear, and then place it back in the tube, rubbing it around. The water and heat softens the mascara liquid making it apply as if it were a brand new tube!

Repurposed Plastic Spoon
Use a plastic spoon to easily apply mascara on your bottom lashes without getting any on the skin under your eyes. It also helps you to accomplish a much thicker coat.

Instant Eye Lift
This quick and easy illusion will give you an instant eye life. Draw an arch directly above your eyebrow with your favorite highlighter, and blend with your finger. This makes your arch look raised, making the whole eye area look like it’s been lifted.

Lipstick Ready
Use a baby toothbrush to exfoliate your lips. To really get the job done, you can make a homemade lip exfoliate with sugar and coconut oil, or easier but not as effective, cover your lips in lip balm or petroleum jelly before scrubbing.

Watch the video to see demos of all the tips + more!


HOW TO: Eat for Clear Skin

24 Feb

Did you know that the NUMBER ONE reason you haven’t been able to clear your skin using products alone is likely related to your diet? In this video you will learn the foods to eat and to avoid in order to have radiant, clear skin- the Clear Skin Diet.


Eye Care 101: How to Prevent and Reduce Eye Wrinkles

7 Feb

Did you know the eye area is the first area on your face that shows signs of aging and is a dead giveaway of your age? Those who take special care of their eye area age better than those who don’t.

In today’s video we go over how our eye area is different from other areas on our face and the main causes and solutions for eye area wrinkles. This video includes a giveaway where we will pick THREE winners to get a eye treatment product of their choice. Watch the video for more info, closes this Friday Feb 14th, 2014!


Winter Skin Care Tips + Huge Giveaway!

14 Jan

Click through to watch on youtube in order to subscribe and enter the contest :)

How To Minimize and Tighten Pores!

17 Dec


My easy tips on how to make your pores look smaller. Click on the ‘YouTube’ icon on the bottom right of the video to watch on youtube to get a 15% off coupon code that’s listed in the video description box!


Traveling this holiday season? Our 6 Skin Tips for Air Travel ✈

5 Dec

Air travel can wreak havoc on your skin; in this video you will learn my quick tips on how to properly protect and care for your skin pre and post flight!


How To Be More Photogenic

21 Nov

The holidays are coming up and that means family + friend reunions, ugly christmas sweater parties and LOTS of pictures! Here are our tips to help you look your best.

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Top 10 Skin Care Mistakes – Acne Prone Skin!

8 Nov

Learn the most common mistakes made by people with acne prone skin.


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